Homelessness Prevention Department at BEDS helps Andriena

BEDS Plus helps people like Andreina avoid eviction by paying back rent.

With a nonverbal autistic child at home and no family support, Andriena fell behind on rent and faced potential eviction. Her landlord suggested that she call BEDS Plus and apply for rental assistance. Stabilization Services Director, Joann Boblick, is seen on the video describing the process of spending time with clients to identify their needs and provide help.
"I couldn't have done it without you guys," says Andriena at the end of the video. We are proud to share her success story.
"On average, $3,000 can prevent eviction and help clients avoid homelessness. By getting people caught up on rent, we allow them to stop panicking and refocus on their priorities. These priorities include getting a better job and getting services for their children," Joann added recently.