Family Support is Key

Ebonie has a contagious smile and positive attitude even after being homeless twice in the last two years. She and her family (she is a single mom with three children) faced hardships and homelessness during the pandemic and then her roommate and best friend passed away. While grieving this loss they found themselves homeless just a few days later, unable to stay at her friend's one bedroom apartment. She told her children, “Just stick by me and stick with me, and we’ll get through this.”

BEDS Plus moved them first into the Transitional Motel Shelter, and then into a Family Bridge Program apartment, providing a place of security for them to stabilize their lives. The master lease is held by BEDS at these apartments and families stay until they qualify for other housing. Ebonie's case manager, Chris, also helped Ebonie with a better employment match with reasonable commute.

Ebonie inspirationally said during the interview, “Even when you feel like the world is crashing down, fight the good fight.”

BEDS needs your donation to assist with costs to provide that little bit of help stabilizing the families we serve. Your donations assist our families with basic needs such as: haircuts, toiletries, shoes, over the counter medications like Children's Tylenol, paper products and more items not covered by programs – to name a few. Thank you!