Assistance League of Chicagoland West Provides New Start for BEDS Plus Clients

The Assistance League of Chicagoland West (ALCW) is making a difference in the lives of families and individuals in crisis through its New Start Program. Partnering with BEDS Plus, ALCW has been able to provide fully equipped brand-new kitchen packages to those transitioning from homelessness to stable housing. This initiative not only fulfills practical needs but also fosters a sense of dignity and hope for those in need.

In the past fiscal year, ALCW contributed an impressive 79 kitchens to BEDS Plus clients, with a current retail value of $65,175.  (Assisting 125 individuals in families) This generous support has helped many families establish a sense of stability and security in their new homes.

Bijal Doshi, the Vice Chair of the New Start Program, shared her perspective on the program’s impact: “New Start offers year-round support, allows us to work with several amazing agencies, and directly impacts the families who receive our kitchen sets. All our items are brand new, which also gives clients a sense of pride. It encourages families to cook and eat healthy meals together, something they may not be able to do if it weren’t for having the necessary appliances and kitchenware.”

Transitioning from homelessness or shelter living to a stable home or apartment is a significant step, especially when it comes to being able to prepare healthy meals for your family. “The items donated by the ACLW facilitate this transition. From the uncertainty of where the next meal will come from to the freedom of choice in meal preparation, these donations play a crucial role in fostering independence and stability among clients, enabling them to become self-reliant,” shared Javon Harris, BEDS Plus Director of Transitional Housing Assistant Program Officer. These contributions free up funds to be directed towards housing more families in need.

Beth Waldo, a dedicated member of ALCW, expressed "It means so much to me that the small items that I purchase each week - the cleaning supplies, the bakeware, the silverware, the oven mitts - will be a part of the everyday life in your home. Your HOME. Welcome home and much love to you!"

The New Start Program exemplifies ALCW's commitment to transforming lives and strengthening the community. By providing essential resources and support to those in need, ALCW is helping families and individuals achieve a brighter future filled with hope and possibility. Through initiatives like New Start, ALCW continues to make a tangible difference in the lives of others, embodying the spirit of compassion and service that defines their organization.

Monica Heidkamp adds, “That’s what Assistance League is all about - helping people in our community and promoting self-reliance.”

Thank you for your generous support ALCW!!