Community baby shower celebrates new moms

New and expecting moms among our clients were recently showered with attention and celebrated. A community baby shower and luncheon event was organized by the Oddfellows Palacky Lodge #630 to help these moms prepare for their new arrivals, while also making them feel special too.

BEDS Plus Director of Supportive Housing Javon Harris sets up and decorates Transition Age Youth housing units for these new moms in an effort to give them a warm welcome.

"Homelessness is already an overwhelming feeling but to not have the basics of what your child needs is hard," Javon said. "These are the needs that keep these moms up at night. There's nothing more frightening and depressing than walking into an empty room with just a bed for your kid and you have no resources and you're wondering what's next."

Javon said that when most moms get ready to welcome a new baby, family and friends are excited. But some of these clients do not have any support - emotional or financial.

"That's what we are here to give them," she said.

At the baby shower, the moms were able to pick out the items they needed and wanted for their children. Donations included everything from cribs and car seats to clothing and diapers.

"They're literally showering them with gifts and love, which is what every mom deserves," Javon said.