Covering Our COVID-19 Response

Week One (3/15/20 - 3/21/20)

While we work to keep our clients and communities safe, our friends have stepped forward to share what they have. We’ve received hundreds of foodstuffs, cleaning supplies, and games. Additionally:

  • A shelter client donated $15 with the first check from his new bank account.
  • A case manager’s family came together with a gift of $1,500.
  • A long-time volunteer gave $1,000 from a recent inheritance.
  • The Assistance League equipped clients with slow cookers.
  • Soup & Bread restaurants and Westfield Ford have provided meals.
  • Several core volunteers have remained to keep our shelter running smoothly.

Current circumstances have forced many agencies to cease operating, but your support enables us to continue serving our clients.  Thanks to you and our courageous and committed staff, our first week has gone more smoothly than we ever would have imagined (it’s also helpful when your Executive Director has Red Cross disaster experience!) To date:

  • We are regularly visiting clients in our 100 Permanent Supportive Housing units to ensure they have the information food, supplies, and medication they need as the pandemic continues.
  • We have placed nine individuals and four family shelter clients in motels to reduce chances of infection and regularly visit with information, food, supplies, and medication. Many shelter volunteers are over 60 and/or have health problems (or family with health problems). We have asked volunteers to stay home.
  • Following CDC and HUD guidelines, we have consolidated our shelter network to one location with extensive distancing and sanitation regulations and supplies. The 30 shelter clients remain healthy, happy, and helpful in the absence of the usual volunteer staff.

You can protect people experiencing homelessness from COVID-19. A $25 donation is the equivalent of one hour of a shelter volunteer’s time.