Crowdfunding the 9th Annual Soup & Bread Event

BEDS Plus Care helps people who are homeless. They are living on the street and doubled up with family and friends. For eight years, BEDS has held an annual fundraiser featuring donated soup from area restaurants to raise funds for emergency overnight shelter. This year, COVID19 has disrupted our plans. Instead, we are live streaming a virtual event on January 31st and asking our friends to reach out to their family and friends to help people who are homeless in our communities.

Donations help to provide:

  • grocery store gift cards ($25 – $50)
  • bus pass for one client for a month ($100)
  • motel-based shelter for a week ($500)
  • one month of apartment-based shelter for one homeless family ($1000)

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Sunday, January 31, 2021

3:00 — 4:00 pm

How to Setup Your Crowdfunding Page

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Step 2 — Name Your Page

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Step 3 — Personalize Your Page

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In the Page Editor, you can:

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  • Replace the default image with your own image if you prefer.
  • Type your own message to everyone or leave the default language if you prefer.

When finished editing your page, click on “Save and Publish.”

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You can always edit your crowdfunding page after it has been created by clicking on “Personalize my Page!” in the initial set up email you received.


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