BEDS Plus Family Transitional Shelter places homeless families in an apartment for 90 to 180 days while they qualify for a permanent housing placement. Families in this program might start in emergency shelter but then quickly transition to apartment-based shelter before transferring to permanent housing. Apartment-based shelter provides children with a home-like atmosphere more conducive to their well-being.

The program helps to reduce or eliminate the need for families to utilize emergency overnight shelter, which helps to reduce the trauma children in this situation face. Homelessness takes a serious toll on children, including poorer health, lower performance in school, and increased behavioral problems compared to their housed peers, even those who are very poor. Over the past few years, BEDS Plus has invested deeply in services for homeless families, including dedicated family case management and longer-term housing programs that give families the time they need to stabilize.

Program Eligibility

<ul> <li>Documented history of chronic homelessness as defined by HUD</li> <li>Utilization of the emergency overnight shelter system</li> <li>Documented physical or mental disability</li> </ul>