Giving Tuesday is Here.

Giving Tuesday has arrived. We are counting on our generous donors to assist our families. Donate by clicking HERE.

The Washington Post recently reported (click for article) that raising a child costs, on average, $17,000 a year, depending on where you live and your income. BEDS Plus is asking for a little bit of help to assist the families we serve. Consider supporting a family for 3 months to 1 year, with a monetary donation.

BEDS served over 1,400 households and 650 children in FY22. Many of these families struggle with choices about basic needs, on a daily basis. Janie, a Family Case Aide seen above, recently shared,

"Everyday choices about money impact my families' lives and sometimes they just cannot break the cycle without extra help. When my families have to pick between buying diapers or paying a bill, it is heartbreaking. BEDS assistance and guidance can give them some stability."

BEDS needs your donation to assist with costs to provide that little bit of help stabilizing the families we serve. Your donations assist our families with basic needs such as: diapers, formula, children's Tylenol, vitamins, healthcare basic supplies, copays, transportation and school fees not covered by programs - to name a few. Thank you!