Hair cut, fresh shave give client confidence

The work we do at BEDS does not stop when a client is housed.

Herb was housed in September 2019. He had stayed in our shelters after he was forced to live out of his car when he depleted his life savings to care for his sick mom. He never thought he would experience homelessness and need to reach out for help. Since he has been housed, BEDS staff have continued to meet with Herb and help him with his needs.

Recently, a case aid learned that Herb's electricity had been turned off. We acted immediately to pay the past-due utility bill. Herb and his case aid then had a heart-to-heart conversation about how much better he would feel if he looked more presentable and could find a job. Benny's Barber Shop in Countryside was more than happy to help transform Herb's appearance. With a fresh shave and hair cut, Herb had the confidence to meet with our employment specialist and is now starting the process of finding employment.

Finding housing is often the first step but it is never the last. It is our mission at BEDS to help our clients stabilize and rebuild their lives.