Diverting families from having to enter emergency shelter

Another way BEDS Plus prevents homelessness is through our Homelessness Diversion program. Diversion funding is used to keep families from having to enter the emergency overnight shelter system. They are literally homeless — usually for the first time — and through quick, short-term intervention that secures a motel room, they are stabilized and re-housed through other funding streams.

Diversion funds shelter a family through a residential motel or other non-sheltered living arrangement until they have qualified to enter a Rapid Rehousing or Permanent Supportive Housing program, typically within 30 days.

Families eligible for Homelessness Diversion services receive:

  • regular case management support and service connection with health, behavior health and life skills training
  • care coordination with school and community-based providers
  • assistance with employment search and educational opportunities

To qualify for Homelessness Diversion, the following documentation is required:

  • Documentation of imminent homelessness or need for emergency shelter
  • Commitment to a plan for self-sufficiency within the program term.

The BEDS Plus Homelessness Prevention and Stabilization team:
Joann Boblick, Manager of Stabilization Services
Bill Burke, Employment Specialist
Yvonne Butchee, HP Specialist
Danielle Cox, HP Specialist
Jeffery Marquardt, Shelter Case Manager
Andres Munoz, HP Specialist
Rama Mustafa, HP Specialist

“In these hard times with COVID-19, BEDS Plus gave me the opportunity to have my own home with my children.”

— Laura, BEDS client