The best way to end homelessness is to prevent it

Our Homelessness Prevention and Stabilization service helps hundreds of households in temporary crisis whose housing is threatened. Sudden job loss, reduced pay, medical expenses and other disruptive, one-time events put people who are living paycheck to paycheck at immediate risk of homelessness. They are already rent-burdened and lack the resources to navigate even a short-term crisis. This is where BEDS Plus steps in.

Through a mix of public and private funds, BEDS Plus offers eligible clients:

  • limited rental assistance
  • coverage of rent arrears
  • utility payments
  • short term transportation and childcare expenses associated with keeping or obtaining employment
  • financial coaching

Eligibility is based on need and proof of a temporary crisis that has been resolved. Documentation must be provided for the crisis.

BEDS has prevention assistants who can help navigate the process for applicants, and we have language proficiency in Spanish, Arabic and Polish.

The BEDS Plus Homelessness Prevention and Stabilization team:
Joann Boblick, Manager of Stabilization Services
Bill Burke, Employment Specialist
Yvonne Butchee, HP Specialist
Danielle Cox, HP Specialist
Jeffery Marquardt, Shelter Case Manager
Andres Munoz, HP Specialist
Rama Mustafa, HP Specialist

“I'm just counting my blessings. I am just so humbly grateful and thankful. That was a burden BEDS took off my shoulders.

— BEDS client Latasha, who received help with her utilities

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