Regina, BEDS Plus Volunteer and Donor

Regina, a prominent architect, was born and raised in La Grange and has been an integral part of the BEDS Plus Board of Directors for nearly 30 years. In honor of Black History Month, she reflects on her sources of inspiration, drawing from both national Civil Rights leaders like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and the impactful Black leaders within her own community.

Her upbringing, shaped by her parents Roosevelt and Bernice McClinton, instilled in her a deep sense of community and compassion. While owning a grocery store, restaurant, and rental housing, they always made time to assist those in need, offering credit to those struggling to afford essential items. Regina fondly recalls her father, who, as a handyman, would readily respond to late-night calls for assistance.

Among the local Black women who left a lasting impression on Regina are:

  • Mrs. Easter Ray Burton, a dedicated teacher of Black History and the visionary behind the Gador House, a youth outreach program still standing on the corner of Cossett and Sawyer in La Grange.
  • Mrs. Roberta Gilbert, a compassionate social worker involved in the Federal Head Start program and deeply engaged in her community.
  • Mrs. Bessie Payton, an enterprising entrepreneur who founded Bessie’s Beauty Shop and Clothing Store.
  • Mrs. Bates, renowned for her unwavering commitment to social service work, particularly in foster parenting and with the Girl Scouts.

Drawing from her faith, Regina finds resonance in the words of Esther 4:14 from the Christian Old Testament – “God put each of us in place for such a time as this” – a reminder that it is incumbent upon us to heed the call to action. Even today, Regina continues to volunteer with us, all while proudly fulfilling her roles as a mother and grandmother.

In a time marked by increasing homelessness and the looming threat of displacement, we are profoundly grateful for Regina's dedication and influential voice. She stands as a beacon of hope and inspiration, embodying the spirit of service and community upliftment that defines BEDS Plus.