Silvermoon Salon helps to lift the spirits of BEDS clients with haircuts and conversation

For BEDS client Mike, a day at Silvermoon Salon was what he needed to lift his spirits. Mike was feeling down on his luck - depressed and sad because he is really missing his mom who passed away four months ago. Mike has been sleeping in his car while waiting for the winter emergency shelter season to open and working with BEDS staff to get into housing.

At Silvermoon Salon, Mike enjoyed coffee and conversation while he was getting his hair cut. He said it felt good to have someone take care of him. He shared photos of his mom with the staff at the salon, located at 711 W. Hillgrove in La Grange. Mike used to live with his mom before she was moved to a nursing home. He took care of her, and she took care of him.

"I was my mom's knight in shining armor," he said.

Silvermoon Salon owner Kelly Douglas regularly donates salon services to BEDS clients to help them look and feel their best. It's a way for Kelly to help those who are less fortunate and also give back to her community.

"Real nice people (at the salon)," Mike said. "They're good people."