Summer shelter update

As our Winter Shelter Season begins, we want to take a quick look back at the results of our Summer Shelter program. It focuses on individuals who needed more intensive support after the regular shelter season before they could return to housing. It's a much smaller group than the over 300 who use our Winter Shelters, but it's one that benefits from continued support from us and our partners. Specific needs vary by person but often include more severe chronic illnesses, disabilities, and behavioral health problems.

This year, we reached 43 people in our Summer Shelter program. We're excited to report that, to date, half of them have been rehoused or offered housing. Specifically:

We are excited about these clients' futures and committed to supporting them in their new homes. Each housed client still regularly meets with their case manager to ensure progress continues. Additionally, they are welcome to visit our Daytime Support Centers, pick up supplies like food and clothing, and participate in ongoing programs, like OASH's onsite healthcare clinic.

We are working closely with the remaining clients pursuing housing. Your support helps them return home. Click here to donate to BEDS shelter program. Click here to keep our shelters stocked. And click here to volunteer for the Winter 2019-2020 Season.