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BEDS Plus is strengthening the local safety net by developing a new interim housing program in Summit, Illinois. The Summit Service Center is a $2.6 million public-private investment in long-term solutions for people who are poor and find themselves homeless in Southwest Suburban Cook County.


Below you will find helpful resources for promoting and supporting the establishment of the Summit Service Center.

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Sample Social Media Posts

The following are sample social media posts for your organization about the BEDS Plus Summit Service Center, incorporated into a proposed posting schedule for platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Note you are not limited to these posts; this is a starting point.

Following the schedule are tips for social media success that you can use with this campaign, and any campaign.


Tuesday, May 18

We’re proud to support BEDS Plus in its development of the #SummitServiceCenter, 7666 W. 63rd St. Learn more at

Wednesday, May 19

Did you know? The BEDS Plus #SummitServiceCenter will provide 24 beds of interim housing, with access to health & behavioral health services. Learn more at


Thursday, May 20

Can you help? We’re helping BEDS Plus raise $250K for the #SummitServiceCenter, and you can too. Learn more about donating at

Tuesday, May 25

For those who struggle to meet basic needs, the BEDS Plus #SummitServiceCenter will improve access to community-based & public resources. Learn more at

Thursday, May 27

Got plans this #MemorialDay weekend? Consider learning about and donating to the BEDS Plus #SummitServiceCenter. Learn more at


Tuesday, June 1

ORGANIZATION supports the BEDS Plus #SummitServiceCenter because it’s a local solution to challenges the most vulnerable in our community face.” REPRESENTATIVE NAME

Thursday, June 3

ICYMI: We’re supporting BEDS Plus in the development of the #SummitServiceCenter. Can you help? More about donating at


Tuesday, June 8

ORGANIZATION is taking the lead in securing funding for the #SummitServiceCenter because we believe in the BEDS Plus mission.” REPRESENTATIVE NAME Donate here

Thursday, June 10

We’re excited about the BEDS Plus #SummitServiceCenter, and you should be too – it’s going to improve access to community-based & public resources. But it needs your help; donate here.


Tips for Success with Social Media

  1. Be sure to use an image or video with each post. Studies show that greater engagement is achieved when there is a graphical element. This press kit includes both photos and video links.
  2. Engage with your community. Respond in a timely manner to posts, including thanking those who donated, and answering any questions. If you don’t know the answer to a question, please contact BEDS Plus.
  3. Make sure your terms of service are updated. Your terms of service are the rules your community must abide by to post on your platform. If someone wants to argue, says something inappropriate, etc., you have the right to delete their post IF it violates your terms of service.
  4. Have fun! A light, breezy tone is important on social media because it “invites” community members to engage.
  5. If you have a blog: Be sure to link to your blog post on your social media platforms and include links to the BEDS Plus website within your post.

Blog Post Ideas

If you have a weblog (or blog), you know it’s a terrific way to connect with your members and other interested parties to bring them up to speed with what’s going on with your organization, and let them know how and why you are supporting community organizations like BEDS Plus.

Following are some blog post ideas you might consider to help support BEDS Plus’s forthcoming Summit Service Center. Be sure to maximize the reach of your blog post by posting a link to it on your social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Additionally, don’t forget to engage with your audience by responding to comments about your support.



What is the BEDS Plus Summit Service Center, and why is our organization supporting it?

  • There is plenty of information at the following link that describes the focus and mission of the BEDS Plus Summit Service Center:
  • The most important part of this blog post is explaining why your organization is in support of the Summit Service Center – how does it align with your organization’s mission?


How can you help support the BEDS Plus Summit Service Center?

  • BEDS Plus is raising $1.1 million to match a $1.5 million grant from the Cook County Department of Economic Development.
  • BEDS Plus is working to secure $250,000 in private contributions to close the gap in its $1.1 million goal, and your organization can play a major role in closing that gap.
  • The link to donate to the BEDS Plus Summit Service Center is:
  • Alternatively, supporters can donate via mail at BEDS Plus, P.O. Box 2035, La Grange, IL 60525.


Meet someone who has been positively impacted by BEDS Plus.

  • Ultimately, the BEDS Plus Summit Service Center will be about people helping people. BEDS Plus can help identify a consumer that you might interview one-on-one.
  • Be sure to reference only the first name of that person.

For more information, contact:

Julie Daraska, Director of Development, BEDS Plus
708-638-7818 (M),

Gregg Voss, Public Relations Volunteer, BEDS Plus
224-542-9530 (M),

Summit Service Center Ribbon Cutting InfoClick HERE