Summit Service Center Looking for Volunteers Starting March 13, 2023

People who are homeless with severe, chronic health problems tend to rely on emergency rooms for medical treatment. When discharged from the hospital they often return to emergency rooms with worsened conditions because they lack a place to live and the resources to coordinate follow-up care. The new Linda Sokol Francis Summit Service Center will provide interim housing for medically vulnerable homeless individuals, allowing them to live with dignity while they stabilize and BEDS Plus program staff work to qualify them for support programs.

Starting on Monday, March 13, the Linda Sokol Francis Summit Service Center Medical Respite will need volunteers to fill in the gaps of care for the residents of the center. Volunteers will work to serve meals (using food provided), clean-up, do activities with clients and sort in-kind donations. Volunteers 12-17 years old are welcome with an adult chaperone ratio of 1:1. There are three weekday shifts and two weekend shift times.

The Service Center is located at 7666 W. 63rd Street in Summit, IL (corner of Archer and 63rd). There is parking behind the center and to the east of the Center.

A volunteer form is required, along with attendance of an orientation (future commitment works). Click to fill out volunteer form HERE

Sign up for a spot on the Service Center's volunteer schedule (looking especially for regular volunteer engagement) HERE

If you have questions, reach out to the Summit Volunteer Lead, Pam McDonald at