Providing Temporary Housing With Intensive Supports and Focus

BEDS Plus Transitional Housing program provides temporary housing for specialized populations with intensive supports and focus on assessment of future independence. Clients are either literally homeless or at risk of homelessness. The program does not require tenants to pay any rental portion and instead recognizes the need for intensive, specialized case management.

Transitional Housing can be brief or last up to 24 months. The program is an extended assessment period for specialized populations in order to determine eligibility and readiness for the next step.

La Grange Area Transitional Housing (LATH)

The LATH program provides local agency-owned affordable housing and supportive services to families with a history of housing instability, compounded by disability or serious and chronic health conditions.

LATH has served the La Grange area since 1991. In 2017, BEDS Plus assumed management of LATH, an independent 501(c)3.

Families eligible for LATH services receive:

  • up to 24 months of transitional housing, comprised of two annual lease agreements
  • Move-in assistance
  • regular case management support and assistance in achieving behavior health, health and life goals for household members
  • assistance with coordinating care with school and community-based providers
  • service connection with health, behavior health and life skills training.
  • assistance with employment search and educational opportunities.
  • financial coaching and housing plan transition

To qualify for the LATH program, the following documentation is required:

  • proof of family status - legal guardian with at least one dependent child
  • documented history of housing instability or homelessness
  • one household member(s) with a documented disabling condition
  • confirmed source of income sufficient to pay a portion of the rent ($400 per month)
  • commitment to a plan for self-sufficiency within the program term.
  • ability to meet tenant expectations as outlined in the written annual lease and client

Preference is given to referrals from LADSE program or partner social service agency.

The BEDS Plus Supportive Housing team:
Javon Harris, Housing Director
Miriam Martinez, Lead Housing Case Manager
Carolyn Cain, RRH Case Manager
Janie Cundiff, Case Aide
Krista Edwards, Lead Street Outreach Worker
Beth Kulpinski, RRH Case Manager
Ricky Maltese, Housing Case Manager
Alexis Singleton-Ritchie, Assistant Housing Director
Jennifer Tudor, Housing Case Manager

I was looking for help. It was stressful, I was giving up. But then BEDS Plus called me. The LATH program has truly helped. It is an inspiration to gain independence as a woman, as a mom, and has helped me grow.

— BEDS client Kayla