BEDS Plus Summit Service Center

BEDS Plus is strengthening the local safety net by developing a new interim housing program in Summit, Illinois. The Summit Service Center is a $2.6 million public-private investment in long-term solutions for people who are poor and find themselves homeless in Southwest Suburban Cook County.


The COVID-19 pandemic revealed critical gaps in Cook County’s suburban safety net. This extraordinary year made it clear that BEDS Plus must reimagine our essential services to address the serious needs of medically fragile and homeless persons in our community.


People who are homeless and also have disabling conditions struggle to manage their health care. They often rely on emergency rooms for medical treatment. When discharged from the hospital they often return to emergency rooms with worsened conditions because they lack a place to live to coordinate follow-up care. The Summit Service Center will provide up to 24 months of fixed site, interim housing for medically fragile homeless adults, allowing them to live with dignity while they stabilize and qualify for permanent housing.


For people who are struggling to meet basic human needs, the Summit Service Center will improve access to community-based and public resources. Together with long-standing and trusted partners, BEDS Plus will increase access to health care, mental health services and housing programs in a community at the heart of its service territory.


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