Recent Success

BEDS is a capable, respected, and fiscally sound provider of national, evidence-based homeless services and wraparound care. We rely on local partnerships and engagement and customize our programs and case management to meet clients and communities’ needs.

We reach an increasing and increasingly diverse number of people experiencing homelessness and imminent risk of homelessness, especially in vulnerable Southland households. In 2023, we:

Served nearly 2500 people experiencing homelessness and imminent risk of homelessness; 89 percent of clients left its programs to stable housing.

Provided $850,000 in financial assistance to 210 families experiencing homelessness and imminent risk of homelessness.

Opened the Linda Sokol Francis Summit Service Center in late January 2023. Its Homeless Medical Respite program accepted its first client in March 2023 and as of December 2023, served 46 individuals. Nearly 90 percent of exiting clients regained stable housing.

Launched a state-funded, 80 bed Triage Transitional Shelter in an area motel for incoming clients experiencing homelessness, including newly arrived migrants.


Since the infusion of COVID-19 emergency funding, BEDS has secured sustainable government, foundation, corporate, faith-based, and individual support for an expanded suite of programming. We are committed to transparency and exceed industry standards for funding use.

Our Strategic Goals

Learn more about our current strategic plan here.