FY2023-FY2025 Strategic Plan

July 1, 2023-June 30, 2025

Over the next three years, BEDS Plus Care will focus its efforts on the following:

Over the next three years, BEDS Plus Care will focus its efforts on the following:


Prioritize the development and growth of housing resources.


Take advantage of a one-time opportunity to re-imagine shelter and build some housing-like infrastructure to improve the model.


Strengthen organizational operations.

Reimagine Emergency Shelter
  • Take immediate action to rebuild shelter and interim housing capacity.
  • Invest in agency-owned facilities for greater program resilience.
  • Successfully launch a medical respite program and explore new revenue streams for operations.
Expand Housing Services
  • Expand the agency’s housing portfolio commensurate with community need.
  • Develop a robust transitional housing profile.
  • Create robust volunteer mentor programs for housed clients.
Fortify Services and Quality
  • Strengthen case management services.
  • Sustain gains in scope and strengthen offerings in the Stabilization line of service.
  • Identify and pursue partnerships or acquisitions that enhance or expand service delivery.
Strengthen Organizational Effectiveness
  • Invest in new philanthropic efforts and identify contingency funding by program.
  • Build human resources capacity and practices.
  • Codify the “BEDS way” in writing and practice.
Equity-Driven Operations
  • Incorporate agency-wide diversity initiatives.
  • Thorough data analysis and regular evaluation to identify and address access and equity gaps in
  • service delivery.
  • Institute employee training program to support the development of key staff.
Deliberately Build Community
  • Strengthen stakeholder connection to the mission.
  • Reinvigorate volunteer engagement.
  • Create tools and campaigns to build awareness of the agency’s work.